What we do

Scheme for Widows in Nigeria (SEWING)

As the name reveals, this is a Project which is committed to pursuing schemes and events which empower widows morally, physically, legally, and financially thereby restoring their self-worth and confidence, fundamental human right to dignity of life and lifting them out of a vicious circle of poverty through sustainable investments and provision of funding opportunities in their livelihoods, careers and labours.

Scheme to Educate the Poor (STEP)

As the name implies, TINAF is committed to transforming the lives of the Poor through education. Working with the Widows, we came to realise than the second greatest challenge to widows after the one of poverty, was the ability to educate their children.

Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES)

At TINAF we’re passionate about helping young people in developing stronger businesses and more prosperous lives. We work with clients and local partners to create lasting and sustainable solutions to poverty, motivating, and inspiring the generation through our YES initiative.